The Earth’s Radius – The Parallax of a Star

| October 22, 2018

Earth’s Radius


Name:______________________________ Date: ___________________ Section: __________

this experiment to work we need to use two different locations to get the
latitude, what are these locations?

the method used to measure the Sun’s shadow.

In the
drawing on page 18 what are the letters b and d used for? (Skip This one)

can we get a more accurate measurement of the radius of the Earth using
the method in the lab?

Why is
there a difference between true solar noon and noon?

Parallax of a Star

Name:______________________________ Date: ___________________ Section: __________

1) What is the definition of

2) Describe how the Cross-staff is
used to measure the amount of parallax.

3) Describe the procedure given in
the manual for measuring the parallax angle and the distance to the star HT

4) What might cause your final
results to not be as accurate? How can the accuracy be improved?

Extra Credit: The sun is 8.3 light-minutes away from the Earth. What is
its parallax angle?
Light from the Earth takes 1.3
seconds to get to the Moon. What is the Moon’s parallax angle?

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