“The course project is ideally a sort of ‘pre-thesis’.

| November 24, 2016

Hi there

I want you help me find the datas which can run the regression as a econometrics project.

The following is the requirement;

"The course project is ideally a sort of 'pre-thesis'. I will ask you to go put together a data set, run some preliminary empirical analysis using the techniques you've learned in this (We learned from the book " econometrics : a modern approach" and your previous econometrics classes, and write up your results. Ideally you get some substantive results that act as a step along the way to completing a good thesis! If you don't, that's fine too, you can simply write up what you found and explain why the data, model, or technique you employed wasn't suitable for the problem. This happens in research and while it's discouraging to pour a lot of work into something that nobody will end up reading .we really do often learn more from failures than successes.

You should prepare a short (typed) description of the data including source, variable definitions, a table of basic summary statistics for each variable, and a few illustrative histogram(s), scatterplot(s), etc. If your data set is extremely large and/or contains sensitive information I will accept this description in lieu of the data itself.Because each group's project will be different I can't give uniform guidelines. Rather, once I've seen your data we will lay out a set of expectations for what would make this an 'A project' or a 'B project', et cetera. As a general rule I will, first, expect you to do at least one thing beyond the regression analysis tools you should have learned in previous classes - for example employ a panel approach with Fixed Effects and/or Diff-in-Diff, estimate an ARCH or GARCH model and use it for interval forecasting, construct an Instrumental Variables estimator. Second, you should then study the properties of your estimator and compare it to OLS, ideally via Monte Carlo.

The above is the requirement. I need the data and the process of how to regress it in general, not specific, just a proposal,because I need the data and regression to see the professor and tell him my plan tomorrow. after that, you can give me a detailed project with few days with the new price. Please give a reply as quickly as possible since I need it tomorrow.

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