The Company chosen is “Danfoss A/S” which is the main focus for the first task.

| March 17, 2019

The Company chosen is “Danfoss A/S” which is the main focus for the first task. The two competitors I chose is “Rexroth AG: A Bosch Company “and “HYDAC International”. Task 1 is: Analyse the current business- and macro- environments to identify threats and opportunities for the next five to ten years. Compare strengths and weaknesses with those of competitors and then go on to suggest, and justify, a corporate strategy to ensure success in the future. NB. your strategy must not be the same one that the company Danfoss has already announced that it will follow – i.e. we are looking for an alternative strategy (950 words) its important that the new alternative strategy is different to the one Danfoss has! Use Annual Reports, Magazines, Newspaper articles like Forbes, BBC, Financial Times, New York Times, Business analysis etc. general good quality sources, the ones which are known! Its important to focus on the current time period Use about 10 References Task 2 (650 words) Discuss the role of leadership in the implementation of new strategies. You may illustrate your answer using real examples of successful or unsuccessful strategy changes, but remember to “discuss the role of leadership”. Do not just give a blow by blow account of an actual change process. Neither am I looking for a summary of the literature’s views on leadership, what makes a good leader, etc. Remember that this is an academic paper, the academic quality and the range of the literature you use will be key factors in arriving at a mark. (Approximately 750 words) Here it is important to use Journals and Articles that are academic Please send me any documents you are using Its very important that everything is free of plagiarism:The university doesn’t allow us to upload it onto turn it in so “don’t” upload it into turn it in, or else I will have 100% plagiarism when I upload it. If you need any information for the strategy of Danfoss, We can help you with that and send you information.

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