The common stock of Sternco is currently trading at $40 per

| June 6, 2016

Papers work: please download the attachment and look at them, please following the information to do the work.

1.Research differences in U.S. and Japanese management and negotiation styles. Explain how this would affect actual negotiation of a product or service chosen by you.
2.Explain the changes in U.S. current account over the last ten years. What factors have influenced these changes? Create tables and charts for the presentation.
3.Examine the changes in the U.S. financial account. How is this different from the capital account and what factors have influenced this movement?
4.Discuss the principles of Islamic banking and research the possibilities of Islamic banking succeeding in non-Arabic countries. Would this be possible in the United States, Britain, or China? Detroit has a large Arabic population and is it possible there?

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