The Baltimore Tunnel Fire of 2001 case study

| September 4, 2016

The Baltimore Tunnel Fire of 2001 case study questions/instructions

1) Read pages 131-136 and pages 201-233.

2) Of the four questions which follow, choose two to answer.

Rather than simply regurgitating what the texts say, provide thoughtful answers based on outside research.

You may find research which supports what the texts say or you may choose research which provides a different perspective; if you have personal experience with the Baltimore Tunnel Fire, feel free to include it in your answers.

Use of first person is okay in that case; otherwise, you should write in the third person.

a) How well do you think the city (and supporting forces from elsewhere) did in responding to the CSX tunnel fire? Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the city’s preparedness emergency management efforts.

b) If you were Baltimore’s Chief of Emergency Management, how would you advise Mayor O’Malley about how to improve preparedness for all future emergencies?

c) Describe the coordination and jurisdictional problems encountered by emergency responders during the tunnel fire; identify ways those problems could have been avoided.

d) To what extent and in what ways was ICS, including the Unified Command structure, an effective way of coping with this incident? Did this event reveal any shortcomings in ICS? If so, describe them.

3) Double-space paragraphs. Use Times New Roman 12 font.

Spelling and grammar count!

4) Minimum length three pages, not including the reference page.

5) Use a minimum of one outside source, plus your two textbooks, to support your answers.

List all sources (including your textbooks) on the reference page.

Your sources must be respectable, e.g., academic/scholarly journals, reputable newspapers, .gov websites. Wikipedia and sites similar to it are not acceptable academic sources.

6) Your reference page must be in the format required by the APA (6th Edition).

You may put all your references on one page; you do not have to develop a separate reference page for each question

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