The Assignment requests a minimum of two (2)

| March 17, 2019

 The Assignment requests a minimum of two (2) sources of secondary research to ensure that the information collected to conduct the Organizational Evaluation is accurate referenced. For this purpose, a source is defined as a specific third party who is cited as the authoritative third party (most likely the organization itself and an additional source). This encourages the student to seek multiple sources of information to ensure the information is consistent and validated as part of their Report. The assignment will take you some time so please start early to avoid any last-minute stress. Please check the rubric. It will help you to focus on areas which are more heavily weighted.

Assignment will include the following: 

– A well-formatted and organized Report with three distinct sections for each section detailed above. 

– At least two (2) research sources from other materials that you have researched to conduct the Organizational Evaluation.

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