The assignment is to prepare a spreadsheet (please see attachment).

| January 30, 2017

The assignment is to prepare a spreadsheet (please see attachment).

Below is professor’s requirement.

Turn in twoprintouts–one with numbers and one with formulas (you may need to adjust the column size of some columns tomake sure all formulas are printed out completely),

The spreadsheet you turn in should look like the one on the back of this sheet and should have the same numbers. The spreadsheet should be general enough so I could input new numbers in Cells F3 to F13 and automatically have theentire spreadsheet updated appropriately. Therefore, the numbers that appear in the gray shaded areas of theexample should be the result of formulas referring to other cells in the spreadsheet, NOT the result of simply typingnumbers into your spreadsheet cells.However, your spreadsheet does not have to have these areas shaded.Theportion of the example shaded with polka dots is for your reference information only and does not even need toappear on your spreadsheet.

1.The Service Cost for 1 Year of Service Period (Cell F17) will be a formula calculating the present value ofa deferred annuity. There are multiple ways this could be done, but I have accomplished the present valuecalculations with a PV formula embedded in another PV formula.I have given you the formula I used. Please make sure you understand what the formula is accomplishing.Don’t just take it for granted.

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