The ability for a Manager to manage human resources

| March 17, 2019

The ability for a Manager to manage human resources in a manner that achieves the objectives of an

organization is essential for the long-term sustainability of an organization. This is outlined in two sections your

textbook Fundamentals of Management: regarding Performance Management on pages 170 through 178 and

Motivating Employees on pages 210 through 237.

The goal of the Assignment is to produce a Report that outlines your preferences in terms of rewards that

motivate you as an employee and deepens your understanding of why such rewards are motivating and

evaluates an organization of your choosing as to how it meets your motivational needs. The Assignment

achieves two outcomes:

– Increases your awareness as to your own motivational needs including what rewards drive proper


– Strengthens your skills related to analysis related to motivational concepts and theories that can be used

to align and increase performance of employees, and

– Reinforces the concept of exploratory secondary research by seeking additional (i.e. non-textbook)

sources to support the analysis by evaluating an external organization.

Students will complete this Assignment independen

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