The __________, or boot drive,is the partition on the hard drive used to boot the OS.

| September 29, 2018

Chapter 5 Exercises

Multiple Choice
Select the best answer.

1. The __________, or boot drive,is the partition on the hard drive used to boot the OS.
a. primary drive
b. active partition
c. extended partition
d. logical drive

2. NTFS (New Technology file system)uses a database called the ____________ to store information about
files and directories and their locations on the hard drive.
a. master file table (MFT)
b. file allocation table (FAT)
c. partition unit
d. boot record

3. When connecting a hard drive to an IDE connector, which
type of cable is the fastest?
a. 40-conductor IDE
b. 80-conductor IDE
c. UltraDMA100/66 cable
d. serial ATA cable

4. Which of these is not a way a CD-ROM drive can interface
with a motherboard?
a. using an IDE interface
b. using a SCSI interface with a
SCSI host adapter
c. using a DMA interface
d. via an external port, such as

5. Which of these does a hard drive interface standard
not define?
a. type of connectors used to connect to the
b. method used to write data to hard drive
c. type of cables used to connect to the motherboard
d. data transfer speed of the hard drive

the word or phrase to fill in the blank in each of the following questions.

1. With ________, tracks near the center
have the smallest number of sectors per track, and the number of sectors
increases as the tracks grow larger.
2. On a CD-ROM, ________
are raised areas and ________ are recessed areas on the surface; each
represents either a 1 or a 0, respectively.
3. ___________ occurs when a single file is placed in
several cluster locations that are not directly next to each other.
4. A __________ is a temporary storage area in RAM for data
being read from or written to a hard drive, and is used to speed up access time
to the drive.
5. A Zip drive is a type of ____________, a hard disk that
you insert and remove from a hard disk drive.

Matching Terms
the terms with their definitions.


1. hard drive

a. an arc-shaped
area of a track that usually stores 512 bytes of data.



b. utility to
partition and format a hard drive


3. cylinder

c. set of tracks
that lie at the same distance from the center on all sides of all platters of
the hard disk


4. CD-RW

d. standard followed by CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM
drives that use an IDE interface


5. Disk Cleanup

e. number from 0
to 15 assigned to each device on a SCSI



f. a special
purpose chip with that allows the CPU to communicate with a hard drive


7. sector

g. utility used to
delete temporary and other nonessential files on a hard drive


8. cluster

h. the minimum
unit the operating system uses to store information; made up of two or more


9. Disk Management

i. allows you to
overwrite old data on an optical disc with new data


10. multisession

j. allows you to
record data to the same CD-R in several different sessions

Short Answer Questions
a brief answer to each of the following questions.
1. Describe the
formatting process used to take a hard disk from its newly manufactured state
to a fully functional storage media
2. What is the
purpose of the boot record on a disk?
3. You install a
hard drive and then turn on the PC for the first time. You access CMOS setup and see that the drive is not
recognized. What steps should you take next?
Describe the steps required to install a new IDE/ATA hard drive.
5. What error message might appear if the
partition table is damaged? The boot record? The FAT?

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