Team Project – groups of 3 or 4Part 2 – Final Report and PresentationFor the team project

| September 12, 2016

Team Project – groups of 3 or 4Part 2 – Final Report and PresentationFor the team project, which is also presented to the class during the lastsession, students need to address one of the following topics and preparea 3,000 word assignment:The purpose of the assignment is for students to work their way throughthe new product development process as covered by the course by usingan example of their own making. At the end of the preparation of thisproject, students will have a very good idea of the practical application ofthe new product development activities described in the course.Students are required to work in groups (3 to 4 in a group) to completethe major project. This involves choosing an industry or market segmentand developing a plan for the introduction of a new product or service.As this is a student assignment and not a real life exercise, some leewaywill be allowed in presentation of results of marketing research etc.Students will need to use their imaginations to be creative in describingaspects of the project for which they would be unable to obtain theinformation needed. If figures are obtainable, from trade publications orthe ABS, then these should be included. Otherwise assumptions may bemade and started but need to be as realistic as possible.The assignment should cover the following:1. Introduction – brief description of the new product and the reasonwhy it is being introduced (why it is needed)2. Brief description of the market into which the new product is to beintroduced – including details of competing products3. A description of the market entry strategy for the new product4. A description of how the company would generate and screen ideas(student teams should undergo brainstorming sessions in order tocome up with their own ideas)5. A description of the positioning of the product in the market resultingfrom an estimate of customer perceptions of the product – thisshould include the CBP (core benefit promise) for the product6. A brief forecast of sales potential (this is not an accountingassignment so draft balance sheets, profit and loss statements etc.are not required – just an estimate of expected sales based on someevidence of the market for similar products)7. Recommendations as to how the product will be engineered, tested,test marketed, and launched8. Brief recommendations as to how the product would be advertised,promoted, distributed, etc.Make sure that the presentation is interesting and holds the attention ofthe class. DO NOT merely repeat what is in the textbook – you need toadd value in your assignment.
*its 30% report*10% presentation
its a group assignment but i want to do itindividually.
hope and i wish i get a more then 35 % in it .thank you

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