Team Activity Report

| May 7, 2018

Appendix A: Team Activity Report1. Today’s date:2. Your name:3. Your GU number3. Your email address:4. Activity Report for Current Module Please briefly outline your progress during the current week to include a brief narrative comment on the status of your team’s project. What specific developments (activities such as team communications or draft sections of chapters) have taken place since the last course report?Also, indicate whether you are “on track” insofar as your original team goal to finalize the PowerPoint project regarding your schedule of deliverables. If changes are needed, please provide a brief revised Workplan and the rationale for the changes. (If additional space is required, please add a separate page to your Activity Report).Please ensure that you have discussed any changes in your Workplan and/or schedule of deliverables with your team before completing this Activity Report.Thank you.

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