Task Your proposal should include:

| May 16, 2019

Task Your proposal should include:  Project Name Project Sponsor’s Name and Organisation Justification or Reason for the Project (up to 2 pages describing the project and arguing why it is important. Key issues or difficulties should also be described) Main Project Deliverables Overview of Project Plan (including a Gantt chart – see Schwalbe  (2014) p 108. This plan should describe the key steps and sub-steps of how you are going to approach your project. Your Gantt chart may be developed using either Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel.) Required Team Skills Main Team Tasks/Roles Project Sales Pitch (You must convince at least two and up to four of your  classmates to work on this project with you. Write a short sales pitch to read in class)  
Other Resources A bulleted list of at least 4 references that you will initially  use to define your project. This summary will include the full bibliographic information use APA 6 as your citation format) plus a paragraph describing the content of the reference and its uses with regard to your project. This list may include books, journal articles, and websites, but must be no more than 25% websites

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