| March 14, 2016


As far as the procedural dimension of customer service at a DVD rental store is concerned, convenience, flexibilityand consistencyare vital for the success of the operation.

Write an essay defining the meaning and explaining the importance of convenient, flexible and consistent service, and, with reference to the following newspaper review, give at least one example of how Vista DVD Rentals failed in each area and the probable impact on the customers. (The examples must be paraphrased in academic language,in other words, not copied from the review.)

Finally, suggest ways in which the service at Vista could be improved.


You must include the following in your introduction:

Reason/s for the importance of customer service in New Zealand today

A definition of customer service

A classification of the two dimensions of customer service

A thesis statement indicating the plan of your essay

Include four paragraphs in the body of the essay.

Write a concluding paragraph summarising the main points and a final comment

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