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| September 14, 2020

The structural connector PolyConnec is a component of the ‘movement infrastructure’ developed in my doctoral research “FormMind Body Space Time – the Geometry of Human Movement” The PhD was in Creative Arts & Communication, Arts & Education and consisted in creative work / practice-based research exploring the art & science of human movement: the concept of form—the body configuration in space and time—is the connecting thread between movement practices and mindfulness. The artwork/design output of the research is the ‘Movement Infrastructure’ ; a conceptual framework and built modular system—made of several prototypes of PolyConnec to inspire and guide human movement, where the subject moves and aligns to geometry inspired postures, achieving states of mindfulness and relaxation.Of specific interest for our development is the discussion in pages 79-106.
You can find more information on the ‘movement infrastructure’ in the following publications:

Bertol, Daniela. “The parametric making of geometry: the Platonic solids.” International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing 6, no. 1 (2016): 33-52. A free copy at
Bertol, Daniela. “Being Vitruvian in the Movement Infrastructure.” Symmetry: Culture and Science no. 27 (4) (2016):425-430.
Bertol, Daniela. “The Making of Geometry.” Procedia Technology 20 (2015): 39-45. 
Bertol, Daniela. “Designing and Making a Movement Infrastructure.” Procedia Technology 20 (2015): 72-78. 

PS: Who are your target customers?

There are different developments in scale and materials, with different uses

Public art in parks
Fitness and dance studios
home use

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