Systems Design Final Exam Chapters #7-12

| November 28, 2016

Systems Design Final Exam, Summer 2013, 250 Points
Covering Chapters #7-12
Instructions: Complete the exam and e-mail to the instructor. You may use any resources
you like. Answer each questions fully and completely, and provide details to support your
answer. APA format is required, you must cite any sources in the questions.
1. Discuss at length the concerns and issues related to outsourcing.
2. What are the advantages of purchasing a software package, as opposed to
developing one from scratch?
3. Describe the relationship between logical and physical design.
4. Briefly describe (including examples in your answer) at least six of the types of
data validation checks into the input process.
5. List at least 11 guidelines for designing data entry screens, providing examples
where appropriate.
6. List four examples of source data automation.
7. Briefly describe (including examples in your answer) at least six of the common
coding methods.
8. List at least 6 guidelines for developing a code.
9. Four kinds of problems are found with 1NF designs that do not exist in 2NF.
What are they?
10. During the final design stage, you make decisions that will have a major impact
on the initial costs and TCO for the new system. At this point, you should review
all previous cost estimates and ask a series of questions. List at least six of the
questions you should ask at this point.
11. List at least five guidelines for developing an e-commerce site in-house.
12. Discuss cloud computing at length, including its advantages and disadvantages.
Be sure to include a definition of all relevant terms in your explanation
13. Discuss agile development including definitions of the following terms in your
answer: user story, release plan, iteration cycle, iteration planning meeting,
parallel programming, and test-driven design.
14. List at least five of the objectives of system testing.
15. What is system changeover? Discuss in detail at least three of the changeover
options, and compare the options.

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