Systematic Review

| February 11, 2016

Systematic Review

1. How the quality of life of a Dialysis Patient can be affected by different modalities of Dialysis?
2. What is the effectiveness of the haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in controlling of survival and mortality rates among ESRF patients?
Hence, i wanted to add up another 5 more articles on QoL. Help me to do the Critical appraisal for the five articles, data extraction for the 5 articles. The themes for my sys rev will be Qol, Survival rate and Mortality rate. Hence need to change the discussion part. the each themes must include which articles support/agree, against/dont agree and no difference.

Please do for me a paragraph on the methodologial quality of the included studies (all 20 Artcles), Assessment of Methodological Quality.
Also please do recommendations based on JBI grade of recommendation.

And please put all the listed items below in the appendix, not in the main body.
a) JBI Critical Review (5 new Articles)
b) JBI Data Extraction (5 new articles)
c) Excluded studies with reason ( Based on the total excluded studies)
d) Level of evidence of included studies ( all 20) and JBI grade of recommendation.

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