supreme court criminal case

| March 13, 2016

Analyze a Supreme Court criminal case. Use an Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion methodology to approach the assignment. Start with a factual background section. The issue section may be only one sentence but could be more if you identify subissues. The issue is the question or questions that the court answers in the case. The Rule section should be simply a statement of what rules the Court applied or created in the case. The analysis section will take up much of your submission and can be anywhere from two to five paragraphs. The analysis applies the rule to the facts in order to develop the conclusion. The conclusion section should just be a simple statement of what the court decided. Usually it relates to the constitutionality of an act or practice. There is no word court or length, just follow these general guidelines. Your submission will be graded heavily on how well your support your assertions in the analysis. A criminal case involves a crime – a violation of a criminal code or statute. Do not discuss a civil case.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use only book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and newspaper articles as references. Do not use generic websites without specific journal or article identification as references. Internal citations must identify page numbers from the references when required

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