Suppose the world price of steel rises. The demand for labor among steel-producing firm

| November 24, 2016

Suppose the world price of steel rises. The demand for labor among steel-producing firm in Pennsylvania will———-The demand for labor among automobile-producing firms in Michigan,for which steel is an input,will———. The unemployment resulting from such sectoral shift in the economy is best decried as———unemployment
Which of the following policies would reduced the natural rate of unemployment in the economy? Check all that apply.(1) An improvement to a widely used job-search website that allows it to match workers to job vacancies more effectively (2) Establishing government-run employment agencies to connect unemployed workers to job vacancies. and (3) Extending the number of weeks for which unemployed worker are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits from the government.
Suppose the base year year for the price index is 2012.calculate and enter the value of the CSPI for the remaining year in the last row of the table. Between 2012 ans 2013,the CSPI increase by————–.Between 2013 and 2014,the CSPI increase by——-
Which of the following,if true,would illustrate why price indexes such as the CPI might overstate inflation in the cost of going to college? (1) Energy drinks became increasingly popular on college campuses between 2012 and 2014 due to significant improvement in flavor. (2)As the price of calculator rose,fewer students decided to buy them,optimal instead to use the free calculators in their smart phone or on their computers and (3) Professors required each student to buy 15 notebooks,regardless of the price.
Which of the following statements correctly describe discouraged workers? Check all that apply (1) They are counted as part of the labor force by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.. (2) They are searched for a job sometime within the last 12 months but have now stopped looking. (3)They are part-time workers working willing to work full time and (4) They are full-time workers who would like to work part-time
Note that the official unemployment rate does not account for discouraged workers. under the BLS definition,the total number of unemployed wokers is—————,and the total labor force is————-
If discouraged workers were to be included,the total number of unemployed workers would be————-and the total labor force would be————–
Base on your calculations,it the Bureau of labor Statistics were to include discourage workers in the official unemployment rate,the unemployment rate would————–

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