Students will interview ONE person from FOUR different age groups listed below

| March 29, 2017

Question”>Leisure Behavior Interviews

1.Students will interview ONE person from FOUR different age groups listed below:








Interview them about their recreational and leisure attitudes and behaviors. Each interviewee’s answers should be on separate pages.Provide interviewee’s background information, i.e. their gender, age, ethnicity, education status, what they currently do and other factors you believe are relevant in describing their leisure behavior.Then list the questions and describe their answers for each one.E-mail the completed assignment to the instructor. You are to ask each of them the following questions:

1)What does leisure mean to them?Get them to provide a definition.

2)Ask them to indicate whether they feel recreation is different than leisure.Have them explain why or why not?

3)What role does leisure, recreation, and work play in their lives?

4)What are their three favorite leisure/recreation activities (Only list three for each)

5)With whom do they do each of these activities?

6)When do they participate in leisure activities? Why?

7)What do they consider the benefits they get from each of these activities?

8)Do they have reasons that keep them from doing their activities more than they would like to?If so, what are these constraints?

Once you have interviewed four individuals, write a summary of what you learned by comparing and contrasting the answers with regard to the different ages/life stages. How are they different or the same? What does that tell you about leisure preferences in that life stage?

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