Strayer SOC100 final exam part 2 Latest December 2016

| December 13, 2018

Question 1 According to Domhoff, the _____ is made up of
individuals who are linked to the social upper class, the corporate community,
and the policy-formation organizations that influence government policy.

Question 2 _____ is power based on devotion inspired in
followers by the personal qualities of a leader.

Question 3 Which of the following would be considered a
political right?

Question 4 The threat or use of physical violence to force
compliance is referred to as:

Question 5 An economic order characterized by the market
allocation of goods and services, production for private profit, and private
ownership of the means of producing wealth is referred to as:

Question 6 An economy based on the exchange of goods and
services rather than money is known as:

Question 7 Karl Marx introduced the idea of a _____, a pool
of job-seekers whose numbers outpace the available positions and who contribute
to keeping wages low and conditions of work tenuous.

Question 8 Objects that have an economic value to others are
referred to as:

Question 9 Which of the following illnesses is least likely
to be associated with a person “playing” a sick role?

Question 10 Which of the following is the number one cause
of premature death in the United States?

Question 11 Which of the following food categories receives
the most federal subsidies?

Question 12 An institutionalized system for the scientific
diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness is known as:

Question 13 For-profit organizations that provide private
military services such as training, transportation, and the protection of human
resources and infrastructure are referred to as:

Question 14 Violence that is intentionally dramatic and
enacted for the purpose of attracting attention and publicity and spreading
fear is known as:

Question 15 Who was the lead researcher in the 1963
experiment that found ordinary Americans would comply with orders to give
highly painful shocks to subjects when those orders were given by a “doctor” in
a white coat?

Question 16 Which of the following wars has had the highest
number of combined military and civilian casualties?

Question 17 he average number of births per woman is
referred to as:

Question 18 The tendency of population growth to continue
beyond the point when replacement-rate fertility has been achieved because of
the high concentration of people of childbearing age is referred to as:

Question 19 The science of population size, distribution,
and composition is defined as:

Question 20 Which of the following countries has the highest
life expectancy?
Question 21 The idea that differentiation can lead to
greater independence of some parts of society, rather than interdependence, is
referred toas:

Question 22 Changes that occur throughout the social
structure of an entire society are referred to as:

Question 23 The development of increasing societal
complexity through the creation of specialized social roles and institutions is
referred to as:

Question 24 According to Antonio Gramsci, _____
intellectuals are those who emerge from oppressed groups and create
counterhegemonies that challenge dominant and dominating ideas.

Question 25 Traditional, homegeneous societies are
characterized by _____ solidarity, while diverse, modern societies are
characterized by _____ solidarity.

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