strayer pol300 week 1 and week 2 discussions

| September 28, 2018

week 1Week 1 Discussion”Idealism vs. Realism in International Politics” Please respond to the following:Roskin and Berry allude to the tendency toward idealism in international politics before WWII ended in 1945, but the tendency toward realism after that year.Explain what the authors mean by “idealism” and “realism” in international politics.Characterize the differences between the world before 1945 and the world after that year with respect to international relations.Explain the causes of the transition (from idealism to realism).week 2″America in Vietnam” Please respond to the following:The Vietnam War was a counterinsurgency that involved us in guerilla warfare that was similar, in some ways, to what we face in Afghanistan today. But the way the Vietnam War was conducted was considered to be immoral and unjust by many.Describe the prevailing arguments of what constitutes a “just war,” and assess the justice of the Vietnam War in that context.Speculate on how the world would be different today if the U.S. had not become involved in Vietnam.

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