strayer pad599 week 7 discussions done on may 2015

| September 29, 2018

week7 “Getting the Right People” Please respond to the following:Refer to “New Haven Firefighters” in Chapter 10. Take a position for and one against allowing discrimination in the wake of segregation and discriminating in the name of diversity. Provide one or two reasons and examples to support each side of the argument.“Affirmative Action”refers to the obligation of an organization to take positive steps to hire, retain and promote minorities, women and others.What effort do you see in your organization that women, minorities and others will be employed in fair numbers or proportions?diss 2″The Workforce” Please respond to the following:Review “The Star Award” in Chapter 10. Select three candidates (from the field of five) to receive bonuses. Justify your response with one or two reasons.DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 – Due: Week 7 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONContemporary issues and problems confronting human resources managers and policymakers in the public and nonprofit sectors include affirmative action and sexual harassment.According to the literature,Sexual Harassment is defined as “any unwarranted and nonreciprocal verbal or physical advances or derogatory remarks that are found offensive by the recipient or that interfere with one’s job performance. Give some examples of behavior and remarks that may be defined as sexual harassment in the workplace. In what ways may sexual harassment and ethics in the workplace be related? Does an ethical workplace demand absolute gender blindness? Explain.

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