strayer pad505 week 5 discussions latest may 2015

| December 12, 2017

week 5″Life Cycle Costing” Copy and Paste this Format when responding (do not post attachments):From the first e-Activity, discuss at what point the budget analyst should decide when the product should be terminated during the life cycle analysis. Justify your response with reasons and an example (Place your response here, with a Justification and an Example).Discuss two to three actions a budget analyst should review consistently to alleviate over budgeting for operating and maintenance costs of a capital project.1) Action 1(Place your response here2) Action 2(Place your response herediss 2.6000003814697px;=”” font-stretch:=”” normal;=”” line-height:=”” 1.3;=”” color:=”” rgb(51,=”” 51,=”” 51);=”” background-color:=”” rgb(230,=”” 230,=”” 230);”=””>”Cost-Benefit Analysis” Copy and Paste this Format when responding (do not post attachments):From second e-Activity (Parts 1–IV), assume that you submitted your analysis that recommended Project A to your superior. She, however, negated your analysis and chose Project B. Support your recommendation with at least two reasons for accepting the financial implications of Project A.Reason 1: (Place your response here!)Reason 2:(Place your response here!)Discuss at least one advantage and one disadvantage of ex ante analysis and ex post analysis. Justify your answer with examplesAdvantage: (Place your response here with examples!)Disadvantage: (Place your response here with examples!)

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