| March 14, 2016


s Today and Immoral Behavior” Please respond to the following:
Looking at the legal environment of business today, discuss where you see the law has fallen short for businesses or consumers. State a rationale for your answer.
From the e-Activity, describe the company and the disconnect between what it says and what it does. Discuss the conclusions about ethics and the law that you draw from this example.


“Dispute Resolution and The Bill of Rights” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, determine the value of alternative dispute resolution methods to a small-business owner. Provide specific examples to support your response.
In reviewing the Bill of Rights, discuss which amendment has the biggest influence on businesses. Give at least one example to support your answer.


“Agency Formation and Management Perspective” Please respond to the following:

Chapter 5 states “…without the law of agency, corporations could not function at all.” Share an example not given in the textbook that proves this statement correct. Next, outline the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of agency relationships.
From a legal perspective, determine if it is easier for a manager to deal with an employee or an independent contractor. Provide an example or rationale for your answer.


“Government Agencies and Federal Register” Please respond to the following:

Summarize how this chapter is of value to two of the following individuals.
A new business owner of a residential and commercial carpet cleaning service
The executive director of a nonprofit organization serving homeless individuals
A sales manager of a company making automotive pumps
A school superintendent of the largest district in the state.
Analyze the ways in which managers could use the Federal Register to determine the single most significant challenge associated with its use, and how managers could address that challenge. Next, from the e-Activity, discuss how managers could best leverage the Federal Register’s Website. Provide specific examples to support your response.


“Contracts and The UCC” Please respond to the following:

Many times we have a contract in front of us and we merely scan it and then sign it. Discuss what makes contracts difficult to read or comprehend. Next, identify and then explain the two most important elements of a contract that every manager should know about.
From the e-Activity, discuss whether or not a manager would likely need to have a complete picture of the UCC in the state in which he / she sells goods.


“Torts and Privacy and Product Liability” Please respond to the following:

Create a list of five best practices that managers in most industries could take to protect the privacy of their employees and customers. Provide specific examples to support your response.
Describe where you see personal responsibility and accountability fitting into this chapter’s materials on product liability.


“Intellectual Property (IP) and Preventing IP Theft” Please respond to the following:

Identify the IP rights that are owned by an organization you currently or formerly have worked at. Next, explain which intellectual property appears the most difficult for a business owner to protect.
Involving the e-Activity’s testimony regarding the FBI’s efforts to investigate IP theft, identify two best practices owners / executives can implement to protect against possible IP theft.

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