strayer crj499 week 5 and week 6 discussions done on may 2015

| December 3, 2017

week 5Choose one of the following organizational identities; a metropolitan police force, a rural police force, a state prison system in a rural area, or a federal prison system in an urban area. Please identify discuss any social, economic and other demographic and ecological factors that they are likely to encounter in their respective environments.week 6This week’s discussion will focus on technology in criminal justice. During our discussion, please address the challenges faced by criminal justice organizations in implementing technological initiatives, e.g. cost/benefit factors, legal implications, e.g. privacy issues. Also cover the types of technology that has been introduced into the respective fields within the criminal justice profession, such as fingerprint identification technology, high-tech surveillance, video monitoring, advanced forensic science, wire-tapping, or you may choose a technology not listed here.

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