| June 14, 2016

Question 1

Policies that affect the supply, demand, and value of a nation’s currency are:

Question 2

The primary way of accomplishing public policy is through:

Question 3

The Mullahs in Iran is an example of the power of government derived from:

Question 4

Governments being asked to ban the use of cell phones by drivers are examples of a public policy:

Question 5

Deregulation is often:

Question 6

Studies show that texting while driving is:

Question 7

Public policy is a basic set of goals, plans and actions undertaken by:

Question 8

Reregulation is:

Question 9

Government’s role is to create and enforce laws that:

Question 10

Patterns of government taxing and spending that are intended to stimulate or support the economy are:

Question 11

Total social regulation costs are:

Question 12

When a government orders companies not to conduct business in another country because of a war, human rights violations, or lack of a legitimate government; these orders are called:

Question 13

Managers’ understanding of government regulations is:

Question 14

Economic regulations:

Question 15

Which car company did not seek bailout loans from the U.S. government following the 2009 worldwide economic recession?

Question 16

Firms in the chemical industry, which must contend with frequently changing environmental regulations and the risk of dangerous accidents, usually have:

Question 17

The information strategy tool most used by business is:

Question 18

Lobbyists, under U.S. law, must disclose their:

Question 19

When a business seeks to overturn a law after it has been passed or threatens to challenge the legal legitimacy of the new regulation in the courts, this is called:

Question 20

Companies have been permitted to contribute to political action committees since:

Question 21

Trade associations are:

Question 22

In a 2011 Harris poll, how many people believed that political action committees were seen as too powerful?

Question 23

To influence government policymakers’ actions, an information strategy involves:

Question 24

When managers become personally involved in developing public policy, the firm is at what level of business political involvement?

Question 25

A corporate political strategy does not:

Question 26

One of the most common financial-incentive strategy tools is:

Question 27

Which of the following is not a constituency-building strategy tool?

Question 28

Advocacy ads are also called:

Question 29

A common tactic in a financial-incentive political strategy is:

Question 30

When a firm solicits its stockholders for political contributions for a particular candidate by letter and then sends those contributions to the candidate on behalf of its stockholders, it is called:

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