Strayer BUS375 Week 10 Discussion 1

| October 3, 2018

Week 10 Discussion 1″Contract Type Versus Risk” Please respond to the following:•From the scenario, compare and contrast the two (2) basic procurement strategies of corporate procurement and project procurement. Illustrate the risk(s) associated with using corporate procurement and project procurement. Provide a rationale for your response.•From the e-Activity, determine the primary cost objective upon which the customer’s project manager focuses when selecting a contract type. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples of such focus.Week 10 Discussion 2″The Quality Movement” Please respond to the following:•Prepare an argument for or against using the Malcolm Baldrige Award and ISO 9000:2000 for similar or entirely different purposes. Provide a rationale for your response.•Compare and contrast Deming’s, Juran’s, Crosby’s, and Taguchi’s perspectives of quality management. Focus on the major similarities and differences between the perspectives in question. Support your response with real-world examples of the similarities and differences of such perspectives.

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