strayer bus315 week 6 discussions

| December 9, 2017

week 6 diss 1″Labor Costs” Please respond to the following:Identify at least two factors that VectorCal uses to determine its labor costs for the creation of the navigation system that it is marketing to the government. Specify key reasons why these two factors are important in determining the labor costs for VectorCal’s navigation systems. Support your response with one example of such importance.From the e-Activity, speculate on key areas where most companies fall short when determining their labor costs. Suggest two (2) methods that a company CEO should use in order to reduce price labor cost inconsistencies. Support your suggestion with two (2) real-world examples.week 6 diss 2″Work Breakdown Structure” Please respond to the following:Compare and contrast work breakdown schedule (WBS) and Phase Diagram in terms of appropriateness and effectiveness for the VectorCal navigation system. Determine which method best serves VectorCal’s needs. Provide a rationale for your response.Suggest two to three (2-3) other methods that VectorCal could use to obtain labor cost data in anaccurate fashion in addition to WBS and Phase Diagram. Predict the manner in which VectorCal could use these methods to decrease the amount of government funds needed.

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