strayer bus315 week 10 discussions

| September 28, 2018

week 10″Profit” Please respond to the following:Determine two to three (2-3) reasons why VectorCal may not always receive the exact amount of profit that it negotiated into its contract with the federal government. Predict two to three (2-3) outcomes VectorCal may experience as a result of not meeting the profit requirements specified in their government contract. Justify your response.Hypothesize two examples of circumstances where a company has not met the profit requirements of a government contract. Next, speculate on why these circumstances resulted in a failure to meet the profit requirements of its contract with the federal government. Next, from the e-Activity, provide one example of a company that has not met the profit requirements of a government contract, and specify the company‚Äôs end result.week 10 diss 2″NASA” Please respond to the following:Analyze the methods used by NASA in itsstructured profit approach, and speculate on how VectorCal could possibly use the same structured profit approach with their manufacturing operations. Support your analysis with examples of such an approach.Take a position on whether or not companies benefit from using a structured profit approach to calculate their profits. Provide an explanation of your position with at least two examples or scenarios of the use of such an approach.

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