Strayer ACC403 week 6 discussion +homework +quiz

| November 28, 2016

“Management and Internal Control”Please respond to the following:

Create a scenario where external auditors determined that a company’s internal controls were deficient, but such a deficiency might not mean that a material weakness existed. Ascertain the impact on the audit plan if additional deficiencies are discovered on other related internal controls. Support your position.
From the e-Activity, identify the accounts that the fraud had affected, and analyze the auditor’s responsibility to detect fraud. Suggest key internal controls that would have either prevented or detected the fraudulent behavior or transactions. Justify your response.


Chapter 10: Problems 10-34(a-b), 10-36(a-c), and 10-38(a-d)
Chapter 11: Problems 11-24(a-d), 11-27(a-c), and 11-30(a-c)

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