Strategic marketing

| January 13, 2016

Strategic marketing

The report should be in three main parts:

1 Undertake an external environmental analysis looking at an overview of the international business environment with particular attention paid to factors which will impact the global bottled water industry. Evaluate a range of key themes relating to marketing internationally within the industry. You will also need to consider any themes that particularly apply to Spritzer.
2 You should propose strategic marketing responses to the themes you have identified in your environmental analysis that you judge as having the greatest potential impact on the process to expand internationally.
3 Critically analyse 2-3 international markets Spritzer can seek entry into as the first step towards eventual globalisation. One of the markets should be outside of SE Asia.

Marks will be awarded for the clear analysis and interpretation of the case in respect of:

• Understanding and analysing the key themes within International marketing
• Applying key theoretical approaches to the case study;
• Clarity of expression and reasoning with evidence of analytical rigour; effective interpretation of data and other relevant information
• Presenting a workable strategic marketing plan for Spritzer Bhd to venture overseas.

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