Strategic management class.

| February 12, 2016

Strategic management class.

This is a group case project, and we are 4 people and each one will do part of the project. So, I will do SWOT analysis part. I will upload several files to give you good idea about the project, so please read it carefully because the professor so picky. down you will find short explanation for the project, and I will upload also some files:

1- the Lockheed Martin case, so you do not need to purchase it.
2- specific explanation about the whole project, and my part too.
3- some chapters so you can get good idea about the class, because he want me to apply what I learn in the class in the project.

You will be assigned to a group of 4-6 students and required to perform a strategic analysis of Case 20: Lockheed Martin. The case is available electronically from Cengage Brain at

The purpose of the case analysis is to apply what you have learned in class to an actual company and the group will be evaluated primarily on its ability to demonstrate this application. The chapter “Preparing an Effective Case Analysis” (available electronically at Cengage Brain and included in the price of your purchased case) explains how to integrate course material into your analysis.

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