STR 581 APPLE – Identify and provide a brief description

| August 31, 2017

Cover APPLE…

Choose an organization that you would like to study and ultimately create a strategic plan for.

Writea 1050 words in which you address the following:

Identify and provide a brief description of this organization, including its primary products/services and key markets/customers.
Look for the organization’s mission and vision statements, and apply specific learnings from the text and the Collins/Porras reading to assess these statements and identify any improvements you would recommend to them. Note – if the organization does not present a mission or vision statement, apply your learnings from the readings to craft your own proposed statement(s).
Identify and evaluate the organization’s motivation strategy, innovation strategy, and people strategy. If the organization does not have one or more of these, how does that affect the organization and its people?

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