| June 9, 2016

For this assignment, I would like you to adopt one of the storytelling modes and write a story, play, or series of poems yourself. Everything is open(Enheduanna, Gilgamesh, Meda, Hamlet, Candide, Passing, and The Shawl), except Haiku and Trickster Tales. If you choose a longer form, like a novel, then I only expect you to write part of a novel; the same goes for epics and drama. You can choose to be as creative and inventive as you like. You can write a story or poem that comes wholly from your own head. Or, if you are not as creatively inclined, you can choose to write another portion of a novel, story, play, or poem that we have already read for this class. For example, you could write “Gilgamesh, Part Two.”

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