Stock Market Project

| August 13, 2017

Your Final Stock Market Report should include background information for all investments. It must include: company name, trading symbol, location, mission, product/service line, competitors, revenues, earnings information, and stock exchange traded on, any current activities that you think may make your selected companies a good or bad investment in the future. In your opinion, which of the seven are good investments for the short-term and for the long-term. Your report should also include share price when you start tracking the stock, number of shares purchased, value of investment on date sold, and profit or loss on the investment.Go to COURSE DOCUMENTS and retrieve the Stock Market template Part #3.In conclusion, express what you learned about the stock market. Answer these questions:1) Is it a good place for short-term investment?2) Long-term investment?3) Back up your opinion with financial facts and historical data. Some people say that “The stock market is the biggest casino in the world.” Do you agree?4) Why and why not?5) For the three investing strategies, which one(s) do you prefer for the short-term investment?6) Long-term investment?7) How do you modify strategy #1 to make it less risky?8) Should you increase or decrease the number of stocks in strategy #1?9) Should you invest in a variety of companies offering different products and services?Your final report must be two to three typed pages double spaced in size 12 font.This is a summary report so don’t ever exceed three pages!Purchase PriceNumber of SharesTotalSelling PriceTotalDividendsNetInvestmentSymbolPer SharePurchasedPurchase amtPer ShareSelling AmtCommissionCollectedGain/Loss Bank of AmericaBAC$8.80100$8809.12 91210 32+22AppleAAPL680.44106804.40 604.006040 10 0- 764 General ElectricGE29.5930887.7021.11633.30 100-264.40 GoogleGOOG706.152014123.00 675.1513503 10 0- 630ToyotaTM81.67201633.4077.361547.20100- 96.20 SpidersSPY146.0534049,657.00 141.3548059 1000- 1698NASDAQQQQ68.9870048286.0065.35 45745 100 0-2641Totals 1721.68 1220 122,271.10 7029.44 116439.50 25032- 6071.60

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