Steven Emerson’s review of JIHAD in the United States

| March 14, 2016

White, Jonathan, R. (2009). “Terrorism and Homeland Security”, Eighth Edition, Wadsworth Thomson Publishing Company ISBN: 9780495913368

This is an open book essay examination. Please answer the following questions using the material you have learned from your text, lecture notes and any outside sources. Please use APA format when referring to sources. Each answer must contain at least one citation and a minimum of three paragraphs.Your answers must be complete. One sentence answers are not appropriate. You may enter and leave the exam while saving your answers as you go. Do not submit the exam until all questions have been completed

1 What is domestic terrorism? In your discussion include the reviews by Bell and Gurr.
2 What is Steven Emerson’s review of JIHAD in the United States?
3 What is the importance of The Turner Diaries and Hunter?
4What was the significance of the AUM SHINRIKYO attack? What did this attack demonstrate?
5 How vulnerable is the United States to technological attacks?
6 Should the media be censored when reporting terror events?
7 What is the role of civil liberties in counterterrorist policies? How has your life been affected since 9/11? What is the motive behind suicidal terrorism?
8 Discuss the use of military force against terrorism.
9 What is the theology of AL QAEDA?
10 Recently a cease fire was arranged between the Israeli’s and Palestinians by our Secretary of State. Based on the material provided in this course and your knowledge of the different Islamic groups and their purposes, please give me your opinion on the steps required to extract our troops from Iraq.

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