STATS – Southwest Airlines’ goal is to please its customers by providing peanuts

| August 30, 2017

Southwest Airlines’ goal is to please its customers by providing peanuts, soda, beer, and wine on its flights. They would like to decide how many cartons of each to carry on their next flight in order to maximize the enjoyment of their passengers. However, there are also some constraints that restrict what they can carry.
The following table shows some information about the different products (all figures are per car- ton):

(a) Define decision variables that can be used in a linear optimization formulation of Southwest’s problem.

(b) Write an objective function for Southwest Airlines.

Write constraints that reflect the following:

(c) There is a limit of 600 ounces on the weight of food and drinks that the plane can carry.

(d) Due to FAA regulations, the combined number of cartons of beer and wine must be no more than the number of cartons of soda.

(e) Peanuts should account for no more than 30% of the total volume of food and drinks.

Peanuts Weight -20, volume-10, enjoyment-5

soda Weight -60, volume-15, enjoyment-20

beer Weight -65, volume-15, enjoyment-40

wine Weight -45, volume-12, enjoyment-30

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