stats homework answers latest 2015

| August 30, 2017

14. Eggs The ISA Babcock Company supplies poultry farmers with hens, advertising that a mature B300 Layer produces eggs with a mean weight of 60.7 grams. Suppose that egg weights follow a Normal model with standard deviation 3.1 grams.

a) What fraction of the eggs produced by these hens weigh more than 62 grams?b) What’s the probability that a dozen randomly selected eggs average more than 62 grams?
16. Enough eggs? One of the important issues for poultry farmers is the production rate–the percentage of days on which a given hen actually lays an egg. Ideally, that would be 100% (an egg every day), but realistically, hens tend to lay eggs on about 3 of every 4 days. ISA Babcock wants to advertise the production rate for the B300 Layer (see Exercise 14) as a 95% confidence interval with a margin of error of ± 2 % . How many hens must they collect data on?

24. Alcohol abuse Growing concern about binge drinking among college students has prompted one large state university to conduct a survey to assess the size of the problem on its campus. The university plans to randomly select students and ask how many have been drunk during the past week. If the school hopes to estimate the true proportion among all its students with 90% confidence and a margin of error of ± 4 % , how many students must be surveyed?

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