statistics short homework

| August 30, 2017

Hypothesis Testing-Single Sample

Use a level of 5% unless otherwise stated. If the sample size is less than n=30, use a “t” distribution instead of “Z.” Do not compute p-value for “t”distribution problems. Just compare the test value of “t” with the critical value corresponding to the given level

74. A particular brand of tires claims that its deluxe tire averages at least 50,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. From past studies of this tire, the standard deviation is known to be 8,000. A survey of owners of that tire design is conducted. From the 28 tires surveyed, the mean lifespan was 46,500 miles with a standard deviation of 9,800 miles. Using alpha = 0.05, is the data highly inconsistent with the claim?

75. From generation to generation, the mean age when smokers first start to smoke varies. However, the standard deviation of that age remains constant of around 2.1 years. A survey of 40 smokers of this generation was done to see if the mean starting age is at least 19. The sample mean was 18.1 with a sample standard deviation of 1.3. Do the data support the claim at the 5% level?

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