: Statistics Assignment

| October 22, 2018

Stat Assignment 7A

1) An outbreak of
food-borne illness was attributed to Salmonella. Epidemiologists determined
that the outbreak was caused by ice cream from one company. They sampled 9
production runs and found the level of Salmonella in MPN/g to be:

.593 .142 .329 .691 .231 .793 .519 .392 .418

At Alpha = .01, can we conclude that the average is greater
than .3 MPN/g (this level is considered dangerous)?

2) Newsweek
reported that 17% of adults attended a musical event in the past year. To test
this claim, a researcher surveyed 90 people and found that 22 had attended such
an event in the past year. At Alpha = .05, test the claim that this figure is

Stat Assignment 7B

1) The high
temperatures for a random sample of 6 days in July are:

85 86 90 77 81 88

At Alpha = .10, is there sufficient evidence to conclude
that the standard deviation is less than 10 degrees?

2) The average
wind speed in Casper has been found to be 12.7 mph and in Tucson it has been
found to be 6.2 mph. To test the relationship between the averages, a sample of
31 days was selected from each city and a summary of the data is:

Sample size
31 31
Sample mean
12.85 mph 7.9 mph
Sample standard deviation 3.3 mph 2.8 mph

Is there sufficient evidence, at Alpha = .05, to conclude
that the average wind speed is greater in Casper than in Tucson?

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