statistics A chi-square test for independence with 8 degrees

| January 30, 2017

1. A chi-square test for independence with 8 degrees of freedom results in a test statistic of 18.21. Usingthe chi-square table, the most accurate statement that can be made about the p-value for this test is thatA. 0.025 > p-value > 0.01.
B. 0.05 > p-value > 0.025.
C. p-value
D. 0.10 > p-value > 0.05.
2. In testing a population variance or constructing a confidence interval for the population variance, anessential assumption is thatA. sample size exceeds 30.
B. expected frequencies equal or exceed 5.
C. the population is normally distributed.
D. the population is uniformly distributed.
3. A balanced experiment requires that
A. the number of treatments equals the number of samples.
B. an equal number of persons or test units receives each treatment.
C. at least two treatment groups be used.
D. at least one sample equal size is 30.
4. The object on which the response and factors are observed is called
A. treatments.
B. factor level.
C. factors.
D. experimental unit.
5. An indication of no linear relationship between two variables would be a coefficient of
A. determination equal to -1.
B. determination equal to 1.
C. correlation equal to -1.
D. correlation of 0.
6. In using the ANOVA models, the assumptions made about the data areA. A, B, and C are all assumptions made about the data.
B. the population variances are equal.
C. the population distributions are normal.
D. the samples are independent.
7. The F-statistic in a one-way ANOVA represents the variation
A. between the treatments divided by the variation within the treatments.
End of exam
B. within the treatments divided by the variation between the treatments.
C. within the treatments minus the variation between the treatments.
D. between the treatments plus the variation within the treatments.
8. In a hypothesis test for the population variance, the alternate hypothesis is the population variance doesnot equal 17.0. The significance level to be used is 0.05 and the sample size to be taken is 25. The tablevalue(s) to use from the chi-square distribution is/are
A. 12.401 and 39.364.
B. 40.647.
C. 13.120 and 40.647.
D. 39.364.
9. A regression analysis between sales (in $1000) and advertising (in $) resulted in the following leastsquares line: yˆ = 80,000 + 5x. This implies that an increase of _______ in advertising is expected to resultin an increase of _______ in sales.
A. $1, $5,000
B. $1, $5
C. $1, $80,005
D. $5, $5,000
10. What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-5, -8) and (3,8)?
A. 2
B. ½
C. -½
D. -2

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