State and Local Government

| February 14, 2016

State and Local Government

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The paper assignment for this class is a 5-7-page research paper (typed, double-spaced) on some aspect of state politics. As far as topics, you have two options: 1) You can focus on one particular state (but not New York) and discuss an issue of importance in that state’s politics; or 2) You can focus on how states are dealing with an important political issue. Remember, many issues in American politics cut across national, state, and local governments; although it may be necessary for you to acknowledge these other levels the focus of your paper must be on politics at the state level. There are a number of different directions you can take, so choose a topic that interests you. I will gladly help you identify a topic if you wish.
You are free to draw on a wide variety of sources including books, newspapers, news magazines, academic journals, state government Web sites, advocacy group Web sites, etc., but you need a minimum of six sources, at least one of which must be a scholarly work. You must use APA style for in-text parenthetical references to identify the sources of all information and ideas in your paper that are not common knowledge and for a list of works cited at the end of the paper that provides relevant information on author, title, publisher (or title of newspaper, magazine, or journal), date, page numbers, Internet URL, etc. You can find the complete guide to APA style on the Purdue OWL website (see Blackboard).
In grading your paper I will focus on the following three elements: 1) Content – How well do you understand your topic? 2) Reasoning – Do you have a solid thesis that is supported with a well-reasoned analysis and relevant evidence? 3) Presentation – Is your paper properly cited and free of problems with grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.?
You must turn in materials for each stage of the process according to the following schedule:
Thursday, November 5: a brief description of your proposed topic and research question;
Tuesday, November 17: a tentative bibliography of sources and preliminary outline;
Thursday, December 3: final paper.
In addition, you have the option of submitting a draft for my review, but you must do so by Monday, Nov. 30 at the very latest.

Note: I will not tolerate plagiarism or cheating. You cannot copy or paraphrase (modify slightly) passages or ideas from any sources (including the Internet) without proper citation. You may use direct quotes only if you identify them with quotation marks and a proper citation. Otherwise, you must write in your own words.

– The state I personally chose was Connecticut and how that particular state government is enforcing mental illness benefits to its citizens, especially after the shooting in Sandy Hook. Any specific laws or bills passed after the happening would be great!

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