STAT 30100: Elementary Statistical Methods I Project # 3 FALL 2015

| August 30, 2017


STAT 30100: Elementary Statistical Methods I

Department of Mathematical Sciences

School of Science, IUPUI

Project # 3

FALL 2015, Total 25 points

Due Date:11/18/2015


Important Instructions:

You must work independently to answer all questions. Provide complete and clearexplanations to all questions. Graphs must be labeled for clear communication. (Remember the importance of context throughout!)Your project must be typed, easy to read and have the answer to each question identified by question number. Copy and paste the specified StatCrunch output, including graphs and number summaries, into the specified table. The indicated StatCrunch output MUST appear with the discussion, not as separate pages. Also, consider at least three decimals for your calculation throughout the project.

Problem # 2

Studies were conducted in Los Angeles to determine the carbon monoxide (CO) concentration near freeways. The basic technique used was to capture air samples in special bags and to then determine the carbon monoxide concentration by using a spectrophotometer. The measurements in ppm (parts per million) over a sampled period during the year can be found in the Excel file CARBON.xlsx via Oncourse. Find a 90% confidence interval for ยต, the mean CO concentration (in ppm) during the year.

Consider the following steps for your answer.

Label the parameter. [1 pt]

Verify all required conditions. (using StatCrunc, produce a boxplot to verify the normality condition) [3 pts]

Interval calculations. (Both StatCrunch output and manual calculation must be reported; note that answer should be same in both cases) [2+2 = 4 pts]

StatCrunch output:

Manual calculation:

Interpret your result in part (iii) in the context of the problem. [1 pt]

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