Stat 230 Quiz 3 – Latest 2015

| August 30, 2017

Quiz 3 – Stat 230
1. See cc326 –cc329 for “Comparing Two Population Proportions: Independent Samples” in
“Hypothesis Test – Two Sample” of Videos-Topics In Stat 230. Note that ? is the symbol
for population proportion, instead of p, in cc documents and H1, not Ha, is the
alternative hypothesis. State Ho and Ha before you begin the analysis.
2. Chi-Sqr Independence Test. Is vaccine effective in treating MN Strain of HIV? ?=.05.

3. Use the appropriate calculations in SF1 – SF6 of “Videos-Topics In Stat 230” to compute
F(test) = MST/MSE. Then enter the data for each treatment into EXCEL and compute the
ANOVA table and compare your results. State Ho, Ha and your conclusions.
4. Linear Regression: determine the best fit equation, y=mx+b, and the coefficient of
correlation for the following data set. What is the predicted death rate for age 35?
Age No. of Driver Death per 100,000
17.5 38
22.0 36
29.5 24
44.5 20

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