Starting Point

| March 14, 2016

New City Home Care would like you to market the company across the region.

build a stronger relationship with physicians, engage in telemedicine, and expand a broader reach to the community. Analye and research the changing community and develop a marketing campaign for your boss, the director of development, on how to best connect with the community of Sunny Beach and increase referrals from for New City Home Care.

Develop a marketing campaign on the above scenario that includes the following elements:

Define the target audience, determine the marketing objectives, determine resource requirements, define how the marketing message will be delivered through

integrated marketing communication, specify the media plan, and discuss how the marketing campaign will be evaluated.

Evaluate the potential impact of the expanded facility in patient satisfaction and developing new marketing share.

Assess possible methods to build rapport within Sunny Beach and surrounding communities.

Provide details on how ongoing research into the community will help New City Home Care stay ahead of the competition and stay well-connected with community.

Consider concepts in monitoring the changing demographics of the community and growing health care sector.

10 pages

7 or more references

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