| November 28, 2016



1. The ES of an activity that has only one predecessor is simply the EF of that predecessor.

2. One phase of a large project is scheduling.

3. A project organization works best for an organization when the project resides in only one of its

functional areas.

4. By their very nature, projects have a limited lifetime, and that sets project management apart from

the management of more traditional activities.

5. One responsibility of a project manager is to make sure that the project meets its quality goals.

6. Work Breakdown Structure is a useful tool in project management because it addresses the timing

of individual work elements.

7. Project managers have their own code of ethics, established by the Project Management Institute.

8. Ethical issues which can arise in projects include bid rigging, bribery, and “low balling.”

9. Gantt charts give a timeline for each of a project’s activities, but do not adequately show the

interrelationships of activities.

10. PERT, but not CPM, has the ability to consider the precedence relationships in a project.

11. The shortest of all paths through the network is the critical path.

12. The fundamental difference between PERT and CPM is that PERT uses the beta distribution for

crashing projects while CPM uses cost estimates.

13. Slack is the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the entire project.

14. Every network has at least one critical path.

15. The critical path can be determined by use of either the “forward pass” or the “backward pass.”

16. The PERT pessimistic time estimate is an estimate of the minimum time an activity will require.

17. The standard deviation of project duration is the average of the standard deviation of all activities

on the critical path.

18. In PERT analysis, the identification of the critical path can be incorrect if a noncritical activity

takes substantially more than its expected time.

19. Shortening the project’s duration by deleting unnecessary activities is called “project crashing.”

20. In project management, crashing an activity must consider the impact on all paths in the network.

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