| November 28, 2016


71. ____________ is an organization formed to ensure that programs (projects) receive the proper

management and attention.

72. _______________ divides a project into more and more detailed components.

Work breakdown structure or WBS

73. The _______________ has established a code of ethics especially for project managers.

74. _______________ is a network technique using only one time factor per activity that enables

managers to schedule, monitor, and control large and complex projects.

75. A diagram of all activities and the precedence relationships that exist between these activities in a

project is a(n) _____________.

76. The ____________ is the computed longest time path(s) through a network.

critical path

77. The network analysis method that allows activity times to vary is _____________.

PERT or Program Evaluation and Review Technique

78. ______________ is the amount of time an individual activity in a network can be delayed without

delaying the entire project.

79. The ______________ distribution is appropriate for calculating expected activity times and activity

variances in PERT networks.

80. _____________ is decreasing activity time in a network to reduce time on the critical path so total

completion time is reduced.


81. What are the three phases of a project? Describe each in a sentence or two.

82. Identify the responsibilities of project managers.

83. What is a project organization?

84. Describe some of the challenges faced in the construction of the new 11-story building at Arnold

Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida.

85. What are some of the ethical issues faced by project managers? Which of these are likely to occur

before a project begins, which are likely to occur while the project is underway, and which may

occur after a project is complete? Illustrate any one of these from recent news.

86. Identify and describe briefly each of the purposes of project scheduling.

87. What is the objective of critical path analysis?

88. Explain why the critical path is the longest, not the shortest, path through a network.

89. Define slack.

90. Identify, in order, the six steps basic to both PERT and CPM.

91. What is the basic difference between PERT and CPM?

92. PERT calculations typically include the duration variance of each activity. What is the purpose of

this calculation—what’s the role of variances in PERT analysis?

93. Describe the differences between a Gantt chart and a PERT/CPM network.

94. Briefly discuss what is meant by critical path analysis. What are critical path activities and why are

they important?

96. How is the expected completion time of a project activity, and of a PERT project, computed?

97. Describe in words how to calculate a project’s standard deviation. What assumption allows that

calculation to be accurate?

98. Briefly describe the concept of cost/time trade-off and how it is used.

99. What are the advantages of using PERT and CPM?

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