Speech critique!!

| June 2, 2016

Academicians met in a conclave in 2000 and generated a list of the most “Influential Speakers” of the 20th century. A few that they felt ranked as best were:

1. Mahatma Ghandi

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Martin Luther King

4. Adolf Hitler*

5. Sir Winston Churchill*

6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt*

7. William J. Clinton

8. Ronald Regan

I have listed links to the top three speakers below on Youtube. One of these three was awarded posthumously the title “Bet Speaker of the 20th Century. Review the three videos below and then after critiquing the attributes of their content and delivery. Then choose who you feel was the best of the three and why. In a carefully written extended paragraph justify your answer. You will submit it on the date of the schedule exam. Failure to have the assignment upon arrival the due date will result in no credit unless you have a physician’s note. If you have to leave to go print you did not follow instructions and that means no credit. YOU MUST HAVE IT UPON YOUR ARRIVAL IN THE CLASSROOM for CREDIT.

Sir Winston Churchill:

Adolf Hitler:


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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