SPCH275 Week 8 Course Project Latest 2017 August

| August 31, 2017

Course Project Team Presentation (due Week 8)

Content: The presentation needs to be persuasive in tone and execute a fully developed persuasive strategy that is supported by electronic visual aids. Any techniques used in supporting the content should be the result of careful planning, editing, and rehearsal.
Preparation: The presentation needs to be fully rehearsed with all team members and with all technology components (e.g., PowerPoint, web conferencing, etc.). The preparation should also incorporate all four canons of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, and delivery) in designing and delivering the messaging.
Timing: The presentation should be an appropriate length, and gauging your presentation’s length should be part of your rehearsal process. Generally, each person should speak for 5–6 minutes. For groups with more than five people, consult with your professor on appropriate timing.
Research: The presentation needs to make a meaningful integration of research, which includes both written and oral components. A references list with at least seven to eight DeVry University Library sources should be part of the outline, with each reference parenthetically cited on the outline. During the delivery of the presentation, there should be an oral citation for every reference item.
Documentation: The group needs to submit a presentation outline written in complete sentences (along with a references list), a copy of the PowerPoint file (and any other visual aids used in the presentation), and any handouts the team may choose to distribute during or after the presentation.

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