Solutions to Hypothetical Situations

| March 14, 2016


Please provide an answer for these 2 hypothetical situations:

From these 2 hypothetical situations determine whether the defendant has committed a tort and whether he/she has any defenses. You may choose to argue from the plaintiff’s or defendant’s point of view or you may take a more objective approach, as if you were the judge deciding the case. The crucial point is that you must state what facts and assumptions you are relying on in finding whether or not an action for an intentional tort exists. All of the characters below are adults.

Nancy and Mary are in a bar and have had a couple of drinks. They start arguing over which team is better: the Green Sox or the Orange Sox. After Mary insults Nancy’s team (the Green Sox), Nancy punches him in the face. Mary retaliates by grabbing a bottle of tequila from the bar and bashing it over Nancy’s head, seriously injuring him.

Nick and Bob are hockey players on opposing teams. Nick is skating toward Bob with the hockey puck and it looks like he just may be able to score a goal. Bob prepares to “check” him (use his body to bump Nick and get the puck away from him) and, feeling especially angry that Nick has recently started dating his ex-girlfriend, Bob performs an especially powerful and vicious check on Nick, resulting in Nick’s head slamming into the ice and killing him.

1 PAGE is enough. Thanks.

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